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HUNT REPORT: Alaska DIY Caribou | Nathaniel Jeff

We had an amazing caribou hunt. It turned out far better than I expected it [...]

HUNT REPORT: Greenland Muskox, Caribou Combo | Gary Colbath

Greenland is a country of true beauty with wonderful people and rich game populations. Besides [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Caribou | Jack Burton

This hunt was a blessing for me to be able to spend time together with [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Combo | James Parkinson

From start to finish, the outfitter was a class act. Can’t say enough about the [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska DIY Caribou | Orville Petersen

Thanks Outdoors International for booking us with these guys! The only thing that would have [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Caribou | Jesse Coit

Our Alaska unguided caribou hunt was a physically hard hunt, but it was the very [...]

Caribou Hunting British Columbia

A great Mountain caribou hunt. Combo with moose or mountain goat. [...]

Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List

Obviously, as an experienced hunter, you have a list of things you like to carry, [...]

OI PODCAST: Arctic Hunting with Russ Meyer

In this episode Russ talks about his many Arctic hunting bowhunting experiences, and what he [...]

Field Judging Caribou

Caribou are the most difficult of North America’s big game animals to score. [...]