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Super Slam of North American Big Game

To qualify for the Super Slam of North American Big Game®, a hunter must have [...]

Top 5 Dream Hunts

We recently completed a survey asking hunters what their top five dream hunts would be. [...]

Eurasian Brown Bears: Where and how to hunt bears in Europe.

This is a different spin on brown bear hunting with a higher success rate than [...]

Best Calibers for Brown Bear or Polar Bear

Let’s talk about the best calibers for brown bear, because you’re not going to find [...]

How to Hunt Brown Bears

Brown bears don’t like being surprised, so you need a solid game plan, the ability [...]

The Biggest Brown Bears Come From….

Everyone knows they come from Kodiak Island in Alaska...right? Wrong! Most people are under that [...]

Brown Bear Hunting Gear List

If you stick to this brown bear hunting gear list, you’ll have everything you need [...]

Brown Bear Subspecies

There are currently eight different brown bear subspecies that are recognized by Safari Club International. [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Dall Sheep, Brown Bear Combo | Ray Rupel

It was a great experience. Definitely a tough hunt especially for a 67 year old, [...]

Difference Between Brown and Grizzly Bear

More than 32,000 brown bears call Alaska home! Even though there are technically two subspecies [...]