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HUNT REPORT: Southeast Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear | John Burgett

The Outfitter was a wonderful to work with and met all of our needs.

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Archery Baited Bear | Jared Griffith

This is an archery hunters dream to go on this hunt. I shot 3 Bears [...]

HUNT REPORT: Croatia Brown Bear | Jason Kinyon

Unbelievable one day hunt. I thank Mat Cervantes for putting me on another awesome European [...]

HUNT REPORT: Southeast Alaska Brown Bear | Kevin Mitchell

At 20-25 yards I could finally see the bruin clearly, mouth open, teeth exposed,…. Otto [...]

HUNT REPORT: Croatia Brown Bear | Brett Niles

I hunted Bear, Moufflon and Sheep on this trip and all phases were well organized [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Spring Brown Bear | Kim Frederick

Because of less than ideal weather conditions in Alaska, we decided to select the second [...]

HOSTED HUNT REPORT: Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear | Cory Glauner

OI Founder and Co-owner Cory Glauner went on a brown bear hunt in Alaska Peninsula with [...]