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Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden Dorado had been on my list to catch on a fly rod for many [...]

Parana River, Golden Dorado Fishing Report by Jay Dawson

The Argentina fishing trip was fantastic! First time fishing for Golden Dorado and I will [...]

Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing Report by Brett Callaway

This is hardcore streamer fishing. If you like throwing big flies at aggressive fish, this [...]

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Sauvageau

The experience of sight fishing the unbelievable numbers of huge rainbows is beyond compare. I’ll [...]

Fly Fishing Argentina

Fly fishing Argentina is truly spectacular, and we’ve been hard at work finding the most [...]

Argentina Stag Hunt Report by Vernon Edeler

Mat Cervantes was very informative and has a ton of experience with stag hunting around [...]

Where is the Best Red Stag Hunt in the World?

As someone who have devoted himself to specializing in providing Red Stag hunting advice, I [...]

Red Stag Hunt Report by Mike Lazarus

HUNTER: Mike Lazarus HUNT: Free Range Argentina Red Stag Hunt CONSULTANT: Mat with Outdoors International [...]

Argentina Stag Hunt Report by Chris Payne

HUNTER: Chris Payne HUNT: Free Range Red Stag Hunt in Argentina CONSULTANT: Mat with Outdoors [...]

Rio Blanco Base Camp Report by Patrick Kissel

The fishery is recently discovered and this is only the third year in operation. This [...]