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We ask every client to submit a report after their bird hunt, telling us how it went.

Argentina Dove Hunt Report

Argentina Dove Hunt

Our Argentina dove hunt choice was spotless, comfortable and the staff stopped just short of patronizing us in trying to be helpful. Every request, whether it was laundry service, historical questions or hunting information was welcomed with a smile by our new friends at the lodge. A full lunch followed shortly and then it was time to dove hunt.

Arizona Quail Hunt Report by Louis DiGiovanni

Pre-Scouted, Wild Gambel’s, Scaled, and Mearns’ Quail Hunts (with Mearns typically being the focus).

I have to say this was the best upland bird hunting I have ever experienced. To top it all off the rancher whose land we hunted on and his wife invited the entire group on the last morning for a home cooked feast of a breakfast at their ranch house. Finer people I have never met.