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Safari Hunting in South Africa: The Ultimate Guide

Safari hunting in South Africa is tailored to your needs. You’ll hunt with a top [...]

Namibia Safari Hunting

Namibia safari hunting is simpler than South Africa, but luxurious nonetheless. And don't forget that [...]

How Much Does an African Hunting Safari Cost?

Are you wondering how much an african hunting safari cost? Well, the answer is simple: [...]

Man Eating Lions in Africa: A Deep Dive into the Menace

The man eating lions in Africa ARE still an issue and even increasing in some [...]

African Lion Shot Placement: A Guide for Hunters

Shot placement for lions is extremely important. Hit them right...if not, you'll experience why they [...]

South África Hunt Report by Jose Marin

We had a great hunt in different concessions in South Africa for cape buffalo, kudu, [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear | Scott Penman

I had a great brown bear hunt in Alaska. There were a lot bears in [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear | Ryan Jones

I booked a cancellation brown bear hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula with Kyle from Outdoors [...]

HUNT REPORT: Archery Polar Bear | Greg Bokash

The hunting was great and I believe I killed my Polar Bear on the 3rd [...]

HUNT REPORT: Nunavut, Canada Polar Bear | Tony Mudd

I can assure you this polar bear hunt was to date one of the most [...]