Elk hunting lodges

How to Choose Elk Hunting Lodges

Elk hunting lodges are usually, but not always on private land. These hunts tend to have mild(ish) terrain among river bottoms, with more potential shot opportunities, and higher success.

Do you want five star, luxurious accommodations, fine meals prepared by a chef?…or do you just want a nice place to stay, with good meals?

For some hunters, the food and accommodations are just as important, if not more important than the hunt. There is something about elk hunting lodges after a hard day of hunting. Sipping cocktails, smoking cigars and recounting the tales of the day. The commaradary that you can experience in this atmosphere is tough to beat.

If you go the guided route, you’ll have a variety of hunting styles available.

Private land base camps out of a hunting lodge, a hotel or bed and breakfast, the outfitters home or cabins, or even sometimes hotels in town; Backcountry wall tent camps packed in on horseback; and remote, off-your-back bivy camps.

The term “5-star lodge” gets thrown around alot.

Keep in mind that it is objective…but, what we can say about the ones we give that 5-star designation to are what we consider high end hunting lodges with great food. Usually, these hunts are all on private ground, but not always.

Sometimes lodging is off-site, but we try to avoid this.

If we put our hunters in lodging off-site, we try to make sure that there is no more than about a 30 minute drive to the ranch where they will be hunting. The mornings will usually start off driving to, and glassing from higher elevations to locate a particular bull and coming up with a plan to stalk or a location to intercept a traveling herd. Success rates are often higher on these types of hunt, as well as trophy quality, but be prepared to spend a bit more in most instances.

Our Elk Hunting Lodges Offer:

  • Great options for corporate events or large groups.
  • Comfortable, relaxing settings, often with restaurant-style kitchens, hot tubs, great rooms with entertainment centers, full bars, meeting rooms with wifi, etc.
  • Private land, or premier access to hard to get to public areas. *We also work with a few lodges that are in wilderness areas. These are cool hunts…you will fly into the lodge and then hunt from there on horseback.
  • These types of hunts always have high success rates. Why would you build a big lodge on a ranch that doesn’t have great hunting?
  • Almost always 1×1 guiding, and guides tend to be more experienced on these hunts.

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2 thoughts on “How to Choose Elk Hunting Lodges

  1. Levi Armstrong says:

    You made a good point when you said that it’s beneficial to choose a five-star hunting lodge to ensure you would have great food and accommodation during your stay. I’d love to be pampered after a long hunting day, so I agree that it would be nice to stay at a five-star hunting lodge. I plan on going on a hunting trip with my father soon, so this is a timely read.

    • Cory Glauner says:

      Thank you for the comment. When you’re ready to start planning that trip, let us know. We’d love to help you out.

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