No Shape to Elk Shape – Week 1

Train to Hunt

Workout for hunters from Looking for a workout to get you in shape for hunting season? Here you go. Jump to week: 1 *get more workouts at Day 1 Baseline testing Baseline testing is an important part of any fitness program. Just like hunting, in order to know where your going,t you have […]

They Grow ‘em Pretty Big in Arizona

Russ Meyer Arizona Archery Elk Hunting

The 2013 application deadline for an Arizona archery elk tag was rapidly approaching and I found myself in a dilemma. I had stopped applying in 2008… I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My original plan was to chase a top unit to the end. For some reason I had all but given […]

A Guide to Booking a Good Muley Hunt

Marc Warnke

A Muley out west is one of the most in demand critters in the hunting world. It’s a supply and demand thing, especially if you are talking 170″+ muley hunt. The following states and areas are some of my favorites because they have guaranteed tags AND a reasonable price. If you are lucky enough to […]

Elk Hunting During the Rut is Cool!


Elk hunting during the rut is the best hunt in the world. I know that is a matter of my personal opinion but I stand behind it. No other big game species can provide the rush of high action, close encounters like bulls in the rut. Every season I end up within 10 yards of […]

High Fence Elk Hunts. Are they for you?


Trying to get your chance at a bull elk over 350 without waiting the years in takes to draw the “right” tag can be a VERY expensive and time consuming venture. A solution to that issue, if cost is a concern, is to hunt big bulls on a high fence ranch. In the market for […]

Africa is One of the Coolest Places in the World!


Africa is one of my favorite places to hunt in the world for many reasons other than the hunting. Sure hunting in Africa is awesome, but it’s the people the bugs, birds and the culture that keeps me going back. One of the main things I love about hunting in Africa is the level of […]

Jaken Warnke Youth Hunt


Watch as Outdoors International owner Marc Warnke takes his seven year old son Jaken on his first youth hunt in South Texas for a management whitetail. Then, they head over to the Texas Hill Country for an exotic hunt where Jaken tags an awesome Corsican sheep. Jaken is all smiles with his management buck. Jaken […]

Top 10 Things to Know for Aoudad Hunting


Aoudads are a busy animal: Many times we spot them only because they move. It’s amazing how well they blend in. Because they are a busy critter we often found that once we made our move and lost sight of them, we peeked over where they should have been and they had covered a 1,000 […]