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Jennifer Kuntz[Guest] GRAD1033 https://shawshooting.com/1-day-pistol-level1

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Hey everyone! Who wants to be the next sharpshooter in town?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to properly handle a handgun? Well, now’s your chance! Shaw Shooting located in Hagerman Idaho, has donated a private firearms class for one day for one to four people. Plus, who doesn’t love winning a raffle?

All proceeds go to Lexi Bennett, Cody Price and Cody Graves to help with their college expenses.
All proceeds go to Lexi Bennett, Cody Price and Cody Graves to help with their college expenses.

Shaw Shooting Private Firearms Class

Valued at $1,240 each entry is ONLY $25!

  • Apply as many times as you like!
  • The winner will be announced September 1st!
  • All proceeds go to Lexi Bennett, Cody Price and Cody Graves to help with their college expenses.

Shaw Shooting Lodge

The course covers everything from gun safety and handling to marksmanship and shooting drills. You’ll learn from experienced instructors and gain the knowledge and skills needed to shoot confidently and accurately.

The class will be focused on detailed fundamentals which include SAFETY, work space, sight alignment, high ready presentations, stance, grip, slack out method, trigger press, trigger reset, trigger prep, single action, double action, grip pressure, loading, controlled recoil, and recoil management. Completion of Level 1 Pistol satisfies the live-fire firearms portion of the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit application. To complete the second half of the application, the Legal Instruction requirements, Shaw Shooting has partnered with Legal Heat, which offers the class in various locations, including Sportsman’s Warehouse in Twin Falls, ID.

About Shaw Shooting

Shaw shootingShaw Shooting has some of the finest pistol/carbine pneumatic resetting steel ranges offered anywhere in the world.  After paper instruction, clients are taken through various well maintained ranges at a constant pace.  Each steel range stresses an important aspect of shooting to give students a well rounded variation of dynamic drills.  Specific steel ranges were constructed for shooters to build their skill in:

  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Reloads
  • Draws
  • Transitions
  • Body Positions/Directional Movement
  • Target Movement
  • Positional Barricades/Barriers
  • Vehicle Cover
  • Target Identification
  • Timed Stress

The overall goal is to help sharpen a simple, yet important aspect of defense for our war fighters when they find themselves in the company of hostile combatants.  Firearms proficiency is an essential part of their job and they consider it a great honor to help them hone their shooting technique, so they can come home to their families, protect their brothers in arms, and defend our country from terrorists who wish harm upon the United States of America.

Date Username Ticket Number
01/09/2023 12:14 AM J************z[Guest] GRAD1034
01/09/2023 12:14 AM J************z[Guest] GRAD1033
01/09/2023 12:14 AM J************z[Guest] GRAD1032
01/09/2023 12:14 AM J************z[Guest] GRAD1031
20/05/2023 9:27 PM J***********a[Guest] GRAD1030
20/05/2023 9:27 PM J***********a[Guest] GRAD1029
20/05/2023 9:25 PM M***********t[Guest] GRAD1028
20/05/2023 6:23 PM A************t[Guest] GRAD1027
20/05/2023 6:23 PM A************t[Guest] GRAD1026
18/05/2023 7:41 PM J************e[Guest] GRAD1025