Limay River

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Limay River

In Argentina, the mighty Limay River, once flowing freely for about 300 miles from its source Lake Nahuel Huapi near San Carlos de Bariloche until it joins the Neuquen River to form the Rio Negro River on its final destination to the Atlantic Ocean, has its flow now interrupted by five dams.

The Middle Limay

It is the stretch between the Pichi Picún Leufú Dam and Exequiel Ramos Mejia Reservoir that is called "Middle Limay" or "Limay Medio".

As a result of the dam, the Reservoir is a big source of freshwater crabs ‘Pancora’, some that look like trout steaks and minnows from different species creating a great environment for brown and rainbow trout to grow fast and reach unbelievable sizes. These two things combine to make every fall, March - May, a time when big quantities of migratory lake fish swim up into the river joining a very good resident population. They chase schools of bait fish providing exciting action. It is amazing to see such wide color variation fish to fish and how fast they grow making it hard to believe they are all coming from the same place.

Although many target the brown trout, the Middle Limay has hard fighting rainbow trout that will put to test a fisherman’s ability to land them. Considering river sections vary between 100 to 200 meters (300 to 600 ft.), long casts are required, many times against the wind and one should be able to double haul.

If you want a trip of a lifetime with a chance for a trophy and memorable experiences then the Limay River should be on your list!

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