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Hunting in New Zealand

Hunting in New Zealand is a great trip for you and your significant other to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. The spine-tingling roar of the rutting red stag is deservedly one of the main draws to New Zealand, but there are many other opportunities as well.

To hunt in New Zealand is to experience something amazing!

Tucked away in secluded valleys of New Zealand are private hunting estates. It is here where serious hunters have a genuine shot at taking home the trophy red stag of their dreams. You’ll fly through some of the most pristine and beautiful scenery in the world, stay in world class, 5-star service and have opportunities at trophy big game.

The hunting estates have extremely high trophy quality.

  • Our hunters regularly take 400 SCI stags on the hunting estates, with some of the best on the estate exceeding 600 SCI. Free range hunts have considerably smaller stags than can be found on estate hunts.
  • There are no hunting seasons. However, the best time to go hunting in New Zealand is opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Amazing success rates. Success is nearly guaranteed.
  • Combo opportunities for lots of different big game species.
  • Hunters are welcome to use their preferred weapon of choice, be it archery, rifle or muzzleloader.
  • Non hunters and kids are welcome as well. Hunting in New Zealand can make a great family vacation.

We work with lodges on the North and South Islands.

North Island

Exceptional stag hunting can be found on the North Island. The Sika deer were first released in 1905 and continues to hold a substantial population. The North Island has arguably the best free range Sika hunting in New Zealand. Rusa stags, fallow bucks, sambar, arapawa rams and the feral goats are all trophies worthy of pursuing as well.

South Island

In addition to red stags, chamois and tahr, the South Island has great opportunities for numerous other species. These include: elk; fallow deer; rams; goats; sika; sanbar; and rusa stags.
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