Texas Predator Hunt

  • Texas is crawling with predators. Coyotes, fox and bobcats are VERY common.
  • Hunt year round.
  • You can hunt at night with thermal scopes.
  • Combo with hogs, Rio Grande wild turkeys (in the spring), javelina, exotics, and whitetail deer.
  • We can set up a do it yourself hunt that includes lodging, OR put together an all inclusive hunt with five star accommodations.
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A Texas predator hunt can be absolutely incredible. It’s good because there is a ton of cover, and lots of prey animals. Predator species in Texas include mountain lions; bobcats; coyotes; grey fox; red fox; badgers; raccoons; and ringtail cats. But, you’re welcome to hunt hogs and other varmints as well.

Texas is crawling with coyotes, foxes and bobcats.

The thick brush is perfect habitat for both predators and prey, and there are plenty of both. When predator hunting, you can expect to do lots of calling with both mouth calls and electronic calls. These are some of the smartest animals we hunt and if you are up for a challenge, then this one’s for you. You are not limited to how many predators you can shoot, however, bobcats do sometimes have an added trophy fee.

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LOTS of pigs and high success is the norm. On a good outing, you can shoot over 200 hogs!

Also offering a great Heli Hog Hunt in Texas

LOTS of pigs and high success is the norm. On a good outing, you can shoot over 200 hogs! This outfitter has the highest per-hour harvest rate in the industry!

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