Red Deer Terminology

  • Stag- Male Red Deer
  • Hind- Female Red Deer
  • Calf/Fawn- young Red Deer
  • ‘Roar’- Dominate call of a stag, also used to refer to the rut/breeding season
  • SCI- Safari Club International
  • SCI Score- The SCI measuring system, used by most International outfitters and the basis for ‘medal’ scoring. The medal system is a moving scale based on averages in the record book, so what was a ‘gold medal’ 10 years ago, may only be a ‘silver medal’ now. SCI has both free range and ‘estate’ record books. SCI does not include an outside spread measurement, but Douglas Score does, there is also no ‘non-typical’ score for Red Stag (which is rather odd).
  • Douglas Score- The South Pacific scoring system, used only for free range animals and based heavily on symmetry.
  • Royal- A 6×6 or 12 point stag is often referred to as a royal.

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