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Facts About Halibut

Halibut are an unusual game fish that many people have on their bucket list or [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Archery Caribou | Patrick Kissel

I drew and released but immediately saw my arrow going low. I knew it wasn’t [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Mountain Goat and Sitka Blacktail Deer | Patrick Kissel

Getting dad a mountain goat was the main goal of this hunt on Kodiak Island. [...]

Elk Hunt Report by Bill Kingston

Hunting was tough, opening day was great then weather went bad, but our guides worked [...]

Wyoming Antelope Hunt Report by Justin Curry

Patrick could not have done a better job he answered all my questions promptly and [...]

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My son and I booked a black bear hunt in Arizona for August 2020. Great [...]

Missouri Issues Five Elk Tags

The five lucky hunters will be the fist to hunt Elk in well over 100 [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Trout on Strobel Lake

The southern end of the famous Patagonian region in Argentina is a remote but luxurious [...]

Nunivak Island Muskox Hunting Video with AJ Kissel

AJ Kissel, with help from his brother, Patrick do a DIY, tradbow muskox hunt on [...]

DIY Belize Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

Belize is a really cool destination that I will surely be back to visit again [...]