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Texas Axis Deer Hunt Report by Harrie Dennison

Top notch Lodge, property and guides. We're already planning on booking again for next spring. [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Summer Adventure Youth Camps in Texas

We have introduced over 1,000 young adults to hunting and the outdoors as well as [...]

Texas Heli-Hog Hunt Report by Kevin Hansen

The hunt was fantastic. Excellent pilot, top of the line weapons’, and very informative outfitter. [...]

Aoudad, Hog Combo Hunt Report by John LaBanc

I was scheduled to go on a Cape buffalo hunt in South Africa, but with [...]

Hunting Turkeys in Texas

When you’re hunting turkeys in Texas, it’s not uncommon to see ten or more gobblers [...]

Aoudad Hunt Report by Bart Roye

The ranch that I hunted on had a lot of game on it. The quality [...]

Texas Aoudad Hunt Report by Antoine Tohmeh

My outfitter got me within 50 yards with my bow on a Free Range (No [...]

Desert Bighorn Sheep

After their populations reached the brink of extinction with the colonization of the American Southwest [...]

South Texas Rattlesnake Hunting…a Bouquet of Fear

By the time the hunt was over, we ended up with a bunch of big [...]

History of Aoudad Sheep in Texas

First introduced in the late 40's, it has been estimated that populations of aoudad sheep [...]