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South Africa Hunt Report by Scott McCall

My hunting trip to South Africa was amazing. I was treated with great hospitality, and [...]

South África Hunt Report by Jose Marin

We had a great hunt in different concessions in South Africa for cape buffalo, kudu, [...]

Africa Safari Report by Brad Pouliot

It was the most exciting hunting any one can imagine. I would recommend Outdoors International [...]

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De Wet Van Wyk, Professional Hunter on Planning a hunting safari in Mozambique or South [...]

Eland Hunting

Eland hunting is surprisingly difficult considering that they are the largest species of plains game [...]


Brye won a safari with Botes Hunting Safaris and just returned from his hunt. Here [...]

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Roan Antelope Hunting: A Comprehensive Guide

The roan antelope is a savanna antelope with a horse-like build (they even smell similar [...]

OI DRAW WINNER: Dason Lasater

This is my first guided hunt, but Botes was amazing. He was able to keep [...]

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Learn how to plan an African safari with family. It's not as difficult as you [...]