Sweet Brown Trout in Chile Patagonia

Patagonia Fishing Report by Ryan Ersland

This was my first trip to South America and it totally surpassed my expectations. Huge brown trout and rainbows. I definitely plan on doing this trip again in the future!

Rio Blanco remote luxury camp from the air

Rio Blanco Base Camp Report by Patrick Kissel

The fishery is recently discovered and this is only the third year in operation. This is undoubtedly one of the last truly remote fisheries and I am lucky to be able to offer and share this trip with you.

PK with a closeup Brown Trout

Central Patagonia Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

The Rio Blanco and the valley looked and felt more beautiful than I remembered. Fishing in Chile, Patagonia is incredible and I can’t wait to fish it.

Patrick and Lacey engaged on the river bank

Lacey Savage Gets Engaged

I’ve never felt so spoiled! Ok, so this place is so special to me because after lunch I got engaged, ya I said it engaged. The day was already the best day of my life and the proposal was just an amazing topper to the day and the trip!

Magic Waters Brown Trout

Fly Fishing Report for Patagonia, Chile by Gregory Schneider

Fishing was amazing since we were the only people on the entire section of river. I loved my first trip to Chile and I know I will be back again!

The Cantaria Beetle - Patagonia Chile’s finest dry fly.

Cantaria Beetle

The star of the show when fishing in Patagonia Chile, and a favorite bug to imitate and fish is the Chilean Cantaria Beetle also known as Darwin’s Beetle. If I was given the option to bring one fly to Patagonia it would be a black and red Fat Albert in a size 4.