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Hunting in Asia

Hunting in Asia is a grand adventure. The world’s largest continent, it holds more varieties [...]

Driven Hunts: Where to hunt driven game.

Driven hunts are most common in Poland, Hungary and Romania, however Croatia, Turkey and Spain offer some great hunts as well.

Ibex of the World: Huntable Subspecies of Ibex

Ibex hunting is a true mountain hunt, they are often referred to as the “poor [...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Joseph Russo

This was my second hunt that I’ve booked with Outdoors International, and it was an [...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Brian Greenshaw

Brian took advantage of a last-minute offer and took a great ibex.

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Jason Kinyon

This was a very exotic hunt. The guides were excellent. They knew where to find [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey with Mat Cervantes

Two of the three of us went home with nice Ibex but I had 100% [...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Joey Arender

I don’t know what and when, but one day I will be back to hunt [...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Mark Chapman

This was a hunt for one of the most beautiful, majestic animals I have ever [...]