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Mountain Goat Hunting

Most hunters would agree that this is the pinnacle of mountain hunts.

These hardy animals survive because of where they live, not necessarily because they are so wily. The saying goes that mountain goat hunting starts where sheep hunting tops out. This is the pinnacle of mountain hunting (pun intended), and our best advice is get ready to do some climbing! Being in shape, and having the right gear is critical. You can never be over-prepared to take on a goat hunt.

There’s no shortage of hunting opportunities.

Population estimates put them somewhere in excess of 100,000 animals across North America.

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, South Dakota and Washington all have mountain goat hunting opportunities. Many hunters spend decades building points to draw a coveted tag in the lower-48, or you can purchase an over-the-counter tag from one of our outfitters in Canada or Alaska.

Some states/units have relatively good drawing odds, especially when you compare them to species like bighorn sheep. We can help you determine an application strategy. If you do end up getting lucky enough to draw a mountain goat tag, be sure to contact us for the best outfitters.

In Alaska and Canada you can buy a goat tag over-the-counter and go hunting with an outfitter. However, those states are the anomalies. In most places you must draw a tag.

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