Vessel based mountain goat hunts in Alaska are truly unique. You’ll be hunting some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, the coastal mountains of Prince William Sound where trophy quality mountain goats are plentiful. What makes this goat hunt so special is the hair quality, the lack of elevation (usually 300-4400 ft) and the sheer number of quality billies.

  • 1:1, fully guided hunt.
  • Success rates are 100% most years, but never lower than 95%.
  • 8.5″-10.5″ with some record book billies.
  • September through October.
  • Combo Opportunities – You can combo  with sea ducks & divers such as; harlequin, scoters, oldsquaw, mergansers, and goldeneye! Other combo options include; black bear, and Sitka blacktail deer.
  • 70 pound limit on gear for the fly-in hunts.
  • A very unique, mountain goat hunt in Alaska’s Prince William Sound.
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Goats are typically glassed above the treeline from the saltwater (usually from a skiff), then the hunter and guide hike in to set up a small spike camp on top of the mountain. It is rough, rugged, absolutely beautiful terrain. A 3,500′ + vertical climb is required in some situations, so physical fitness and leg / knee strength are requirements for success. After the first day of setting up camp and hiking in. The next several days are used to hunt. Once a quality billy is harvested you and your guide will go back down to the skiff and return to the boat that will serve as your hotel.

Lodging and Accommodations

For the first day or so you will spend the night on a live-aboard and is the ultimate hunting platform for Prince William Sound. Enjoy being in remote bays surrounded by wildlife and having a dry, warm base camp for your hunts.

  • With a full modern kitchen, you will also enjoy some amazing meals while on your hunts, from fresh seafood from the waters of PWS including spot prawns, halibut and Copper River red salmon to steaks on the barbecue.  When you get up from a long night of hunting you can expect a full hunter’s breakfast from home fries, eggs and bacon to pancakes and sausage.
  • In the living area there is plenty of seating to hang out and relax along with a flat screen TV for watching movies on those days the weather delays hunting.
  • There is also a diesel generator below deck allowing us to power a small city if needed.  This allows us to have an amazing heating system inboard and you can expect 70 degree inside temperatures after those long wet days of hunting.  On top of that in the back “drying room” there are chest freezers to freeze your trophy hides and meat, boot dryers, and hanging racks for all your clothes.
  • The best seat on the boat on a sunny day is the front outside couch where you can enjoy some of the most amazing scenery in the world as we cruise out to the hunting spot.
  • After the first day you and your guide will take a skiff to the hunt area where you will hike in and set up a spike camp on top of the mountain where you will spend the night for several days.



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