Harrie Dennison with is awesome Colorado antelope

Colorado Pronghorn Hunt Report by HARRIE DENNISON

HUNT REPORT Hunter: HARRIE DENNISON Date: October 3-7, 2022 Trip Taken: Colorado Pronghorn Hunt Consultant: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International My wife wanted to hunt pronghorns this year, and the trip I wanted to do in Wyoming was booked. I called my go to expert, Kyle Hanson with Outdoors International, and asked his opinion, without hesitation […]

Archery Colorado Antelope Hunt Report by John Sullivan

Archery Colorado Antelope Hunt Report by John Sullivan

Archery hunting for Pronghorn in a blind can be arduous, but the quantity of mule deer and antelope arriving to the watering hole does break the tedium. Being very selective allowed me to arrow a Pope and Young buck on the third evening of a three day hunt with 15 minutes left of shooting light.

Antelope are fun to hunt

Pronghorn Antelope are Fun to Hunt

It’s a great hunt for someone who enjoys spot and stalk hunting and multiple opportunities a day to get it done. So if you mess up and spook the group you’re after, sit back and watch where they go. Chances are, as soon as they can’t see you anymore, they will forget you were ever there. Be prepared for some low crawling and cactus needles. As I said before, they’ve got really good eyesight.