Kyle Hanson with his archery Barren Ground Muskox

Spring Barren Ground Muskox Hunt Report by Kyle Hanson

Hunter: Kyle Hanson Date: March 29-April 7th Trip Taken: Spring Barren Ground Muskox Hunt Nunavut Territories Barren Ground Muskox Hunt This spring I was fortunate to go to Nunavut Territories with my bow in hopes of taking a Barren Ground Muskox. “Umingmak”, or “The Bearded One”, has been on my bucket list since I began […]

Gary Colbath with his archery polar bear

Archery Polar Bear Hunt Report by Gary Colbath

Hunter: Gary Colbath Date: March 20-April 2, 2022 Trip Taken: Archery Polar Bear Hunt I just returned from the pinnacle trip of my hunting career. My adventure in the Arctic for polar bear was an extraordinary experience. As a hunting consultant I have access to the best outfitters in the world and the outfitter I […]