Gear List for a Guided Grizzly Bear and Caribou Hunt

Gear List for a Guided Grizzly Bear and Caribou Hunt

Guided Alaskan grizzly bear and caribou hunts are some of the most sought after hunts in Alaska both as a combo and individually. There are important considerations on these hunts due to the weather and terrain that hunters should expect to encounter. Arguably the most important aspect is the gear list for a guided grizzly […]

Barry with an awesome archery grizzly

Alaska Archery Hunt Report by Barry Cook

HUNT REPORT Hunter: Barry Cook Date: September 9-21, 2022 Trip Taken: Alaska Moose Hunt Consultant: Julian Salutregui, Outdoors International On my 10 day Alaska moose hunt I chose to use a bow and arrow, which made the hunt more challenging. I wasn’t able to pull off a moose, but did manage to get a 7ft […]

Kyle and John

Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt Report by John LaBanc

HUNT REPORT Hunter: John LaBanc Date: 29 August – 7 Sept, 2022 Trip Taken: Alaska Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt Consultant: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International Kyle, my Outdoors International hunting consultant, and Cody, our hunting guide, had been glassing for two days before I arrived. They were hunting the foot hills of the Brooks Range in […]

Flying into caribou camp

Alaska Caribou/Grizzly Hunt Report by Larry McGlumphy

HUNT REPORT Hunter: Larry McGlumphy Date: October 8 through September 7, 2022 Trip Taken: 10-day, Combo Grizzly and Caribou Consultant: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International Pros Equipment (i.e. tents, cooking stove, etc.) was very good. The customer service contact provided timely and excellent service; Meeting all needs. Food supplies was good. Guide was attentive and maintained […]

Moose hunting in Alaska

Our 10 Most Popular Hunting Destinations

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how to score a bear skull

How to Measure a Bear Skull

Most hunters are more interested in how to square a bear hide than it’s official score and how to measure a bear skull. However, the record keeping organizations don’t care how much it squares. How to Measure a Bear Skull Boone and Crockett judges measure the length plus the width of a cleaned and dried […]

Super Slam of North American Big Game

Super Slam of North American Big Game

To qualify for the Super Slam of North American Big Game®, a hunter must have registered the legal taking of all 29 of the traditionally recognized species of big game animals native to North America.

Andrew Rogers with a great Arctic Grizzly bear

Arctic Grizzly Hunt Report by Andrew Rockwell

Hunter: Andrew Rockwell Date: September, 2021 Trip Taken: Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunt Consultant: Kyle Hanson | Outdoors International Our guide Don was great, good cook, easy going. We got our first bear on the evening of the first day. Got the second grizzly bear on the morning of 5th day. The outfitter was very helpful […]