Shiras Moose Hunt Report by Steve Russo

I was drawn for an early season Washington bull moose tag after 13 years of applying for this bucket list hunt.

Hunter: Steve Russo
Date: 9/30/21 – 10/5/21
Trip Taken: Washington Shiras Moose Hunt
Consultant: Kyle Hanson | Outdoors International

I was drawn for an early season Washington bull moose tag after 13 years of applying for this bucket list hunt.

I and my 14 year old daughter arrived at the outfitters home the day before opening and we saw moose every day of what turned out to be a four day hunt. Most of the moose were bulls that we culled through to find the “right” one. Because it was during the rut, Josh did a great job of identifying and calling in the bulls. That made for one of the most exciting hunts I have been on particularly when you have a huge, angry moose coming in ready to do battle.

For the moose I killed, Josh spotted it following a cow along a ridge line then called it in from about 500 yards away. It was amazing to watch Josh use various calls to maneuver it right where it would present the best shooting opportunity. I ultimately shot it broadside at about 40 yards and it fortunately dropped right next to a logging road.

I learned a ton about moose hunting in those four days as Josh took the time to explain all the things he was seeing and doing. My daughter even shot her first grouse while on the trip through Josh’s help. Along with being a great guide, he is a genuinely nice human being and has a great family to boot.

The fact that I was able to share my Shiras moose hunt with my daughter and have such an experienced and compassionate guide to help us made for an amazing experience. It created memories for a lifetime. I was truly blessed to have found the right outfitter and guide.

  • How would you rate your trip overall? Great
  • How were your guide(s)? Great
  • How was your lodging? Great
  • How was the food? Great
  • How was your outfitters communication? Great
  • How physically demanding was your trip? Moderate
  • Do you have anything to add about your outfitter? I would definitely use the outfitter again.
  • How would you rate your consultant? Great
  • Do you have anything to add about your consultant? Kyle did a great job of giving me the details and allowing me to talk with the guide directly to understand exactly what I was getting into. I originally thought I might DIY the hunt, which is my normal MO, but after talking to the guide it became clear I would have been over my head. This was the first hunting guide I had ever used and was completely satisfied.
  • Would you book another trip with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL in the future? Yes
  • Can we use your stories and/or photos on our website? Yes
  • Can we use this in social media? Yes

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