Muskox Hunt Canada

If you want to experience an Arctic adventure, go muskox hunting in Canada!

This survivor of the last Ice Age is a unique animal, and hunting them will be the experience of a lifetime…rivaled only by possibly a polar bear hunt. Both rifle and bowhunters can be virtually assured of a good bull on a hunt with our outfitter. His clients dominated the record books.

Barren Ground Muskox

Found solely on the continental mainland of the Canadian Arctic, Barren Ground muskox (SCI Classification) are the world’s largest of all Muskox varieties both in body size and horns. Their range includes the region from the Arctic coast of Queen Maud Gulf to the north, and from Cape Bathurst in the west to the Sherman Basin in the east. Our outfitter has been hunting this area since March of 1986, and entries from their hunters dominate the the Boone and Crockett and SCI record books.

  • Native to the Canadian Arctic
  • Barren Ground Muskox hunting seasons in the spring, summer and fall.
  • Opportunity to combo with Arctic Island caribou in the fall.
  • Largest of the two subspecies.

Greenland Muskox

Known as the “Muskox Hunting Capital of the World”, Victoria Island muskox hunting is incredible. Victoria Island is home to the introduced Greenland subspecies of muskox. With a population of 30,000 muskox, and it is common to see anywhere from 30 to 40 muskox daily! Our outfitter is operating in three new regions of Nunavut with a limited number of muskox tags available to Adventure hunters.

  • Greenland Muskox hunts on Victoria Island.
  • Spring season only.
  • Larger than the muskox in Greenland.
  • Only 4-6 hunts available per season.
To fully appreciate, enjoy and get the most out of your Arctic Adventure, please remember where you are in the World! Hunting in Nunavut is at par with any International Hunt destination that is rich in Culture and Traditions that are Unique to the Inuit of North America.

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