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Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunting

These are exceptional fly-in, remote, spot-and-stalk Arctic grizzly bear hunts. Your days will be spent glassing mountain sides for bears feeding on blueberries, roaming the tundra, feeding on a recent moose or caribou carcass, or fishing for late run salmon in rivers.

  • Hunting season is August through September.
  • Success rates are high.
  • These hunts are conducted in the Brooks Range, north of the Arctic Circle in the fall season.
  • This location has produced many trophy sized grizzly bears and some record book caribou over the years as well as wolves. YOu can add a caribou for a trophy fee if you see a good one.
  • It is also a great location for someone who cannot get around well.
  • Grizzly tags in this area are issued on a permit basis.
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The great thing about Arctic grizzly bear hunting in the Brooks Range is that you can add a caribou for a trophy fee if you see a good one. The grizzly bears in this region have a wide color variation, with light blonde being the predominant color. Bears in this area typically range from 6.5 to a little over 9 feet.

Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunting Unit 23 in the Alaska Brooks Range is incredible!

Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunting Unit 23 in the Alaska Brooks Range is incredible!

The oldest known wild inland grizzly came from Alaska’s Brooks Range and lived to be 34 years of age. The Brooks Range is a huge mountain range in the far north of Alaska. It spans about 700 miles across northern Alaska and reaches into Canada’s Yukon Territories. It is home to a great number of Arctic grizzly bears.

We have high success rates for these bears, with many of them coming in at seven to eight feet or more.

In recent years, we had two bears taken who were over nine feet. One came in a nine feet one inch and the other nine feet two inches. To put things in perspective, they were big bears. Part of the reason for these bigger bears is availability of food sources. There have been some great salmon runs in the last 10-15 years. The season has also been warmer longer during that time frame, which is great for cub survival. Thirty years ago you would commonly see a sow with one cub. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see a sow with three to four cubs. An average male grizzly weighs about six hundred to seven hundred and fifty pounds but occasionally a monster comes along with weights of twelve hundred to fifteen hundred pounds and standing nine and a half feet tall.

If an Arctic grizzly is on your bucket list, this is a great hunt to go on. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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8 reviews for Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunting

  1. Jared Griffith

    Russ and Rick tag teamed this so perfect, I couldn’t think of a better hunt ever!

  2. Todd Mulholland

    This is one of three trips we currently have booked with him and Outdoors International. All have been a seamless process and great experiences.

  3. Tim Evans

    Great successful hunt overall. We went as a group of three hunters. and all three of us had opportunities at grizzly bears.

  4. Manny Reichek

    Incredible area and operation. Very accommodating. I would hunt with them again.

  5. Dusty

    It was a pretty cool Arctic hunting trip overall.

  6. Brian Wagner

    Hunt was a success, caribou were pretty far North so our guide offered us a grizzly hunt at a great price to get us out and hunting.

  7. Eric Reffett

    We were both were successful on the bear hunts which was an awesome experience. Separate from the “hunt” itself, the Alaska experience is amazing.

  8. Andrew Rogers

    Our guide Don was great, good cook, easy going. We got our first bear on the evening of the first day. Got the second grizzly bear on the morning of 5th day. The outfitter was very helpful and patient. Very accommodating and great communication.

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