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Greenland Muskox Hunt

  • Over the years, hunters have had a 100% success rate on trophy muskox and near that on caribou bulls.
  • Comfortable tent and cabin accommodations with quality local food. All in field transportation included.
  • This is an amazing archery hunt. Bow and Rifle are conducted separately. Rifle with silencers only, the outfitter provide a rifle at no charge.
  • Spring, summer and fall hunting seasons.
  • Licenses and tags included.
  • You’ll be hunting an exclusive guide-use concession.
  • The Arctic Five is available after your trophies are harvested (Arctic fox, Polar hare, and Ptarmigan).
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Our main muskox hunting camp in northern Greenland out of Kangerlussuaq is located 30 miles away from the nearest settlement, accessible only by helicopter. This way, we leave behind easily accessible areas with high muskox hunting pressure. The feeding conditions are excellent, and bulls are big. This is a most unique and unusual escape from everyday life. Hunting in Greenland attract a group of like-minded people. People sharing experience on an isolated journey creates strong bonds and friendships.

Two beautiful bulls

This region has the highest density for muskox and Central Barren Ground Canada caribou in all of Greenland.

This remote hunting concession is untouched, and prior to our hunters, no modern hunter has ever taken a trophy bull in this area. Since 2012, our Greenland muskox hunting clients have enjoyed 100% success and recovery rate. The 30 miles helicopter transfer to our camp is what secures that 100% success rate for big mature trophies.

Our summer muskox hunts in Greenland tend to be popular with bowhunters.

You’ll be hunting on foot in the tundra and mountains, using the sparse terrain as cover as you stalk mature bulls. These hunts take place between August and October. The weather will be warm up to the 60’s. If you’re hunting in August, the sun never goes down so you can hunt all night if you wish.

For pricing or more information on a Greenland muskox hunt, contact us.

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5 reviews for Greenland Muskox Hunt

  1. Gary Colbath

    From the logistics, to the weather, to the animals, to the outfitter and camp, everything was perfect. It was truly an Adventure bow hunt and a trip I will not soon forget.

  2. Keith

    We had a great muskox hunt! The outfitter was a great guide and host. They knew the area, and where to find the Musk Ox. We shot three Musk Ox the first day and two the second.

  3. George Cherry

    Camp was comfortable. Our guide was exceptional. Food was good, plenty of game, unique experience.

  4. Austin Legg

    Three of us, including myself tagged out on mature bulls. They will ONLY kill mature bulls with two full horns. This is very reassuring how much time they take to make sure everyone shoots a trophy animal.

  5. Jason Semler, Alaska Expedition Lodge

    Exceptional Guide. Having a cabin instead of a tent in the winter really added extra comfort. Outfitter knows where the animals are and has the entire program dialed in. You won’t go hungry but don’t expect a fancy meal or to be wined and dined, this is a hunt. Great experience with a great group of guys. 5 nice bulls were taken on our hunt in 2 days. Good gear and boots are a must.

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