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Goat Hunting

The taking of all of the wild goat species required in the Capra World Slam is probably the single most physically difficult accomplishment in the mountain hunting world. There is a well known saying among mountain hunters that goes like this: “Goat hunting starts where sheep country ends.” If you’re ready to take up this challenge you’ll be one of the lucky few to see the most remote, uncivilized and inhospitable mountain ranges on the planet.

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Hunt-able Wild Goat Species

If you're looking do do some goat hunting, there are many different Capra species and subspecies scattered across the world.
    • Ibex are found throughout much of the world, but originated in Europe and Asia. There are five different ibex species, and several more sub-species.
    • Tur are native to the Caucasus mountains in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia.
    • Tahr originate in the Himalayan mountains, but are now found in New Zealand as well.
    • Across Eurasia and New Zealand there are 10 separate sub-species of Chamois.
    • Rocky Mountain Goats offer the only goat hunting to be had in North America, with the exception of feral species and imported exotics.
    • Perhaps the most striking of all are the four species of Markhor.
    • Rounding out the list are the Serow, Takin, Mallorcan Wild Goat, the Chilean Wild Goat, Goral, and don't forget Feral Goats.

Goat Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Here are some of our favorite CAPRA hunts trips from around the world.

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