Chamois are native to Europe, and most hunting still takes place in Spain, France, the Balkans, and the Carpathian ranges. They can also be hunting in Turkey, but most hunters think of New Zealand first, where they are often hunted in combination with tahr. This is a true mountain hunt, and can be very challenging.

Chamois are a unique mountain species and are always exciting to hunt. They are very fast and agile and live in challenging terrain. During the rut bucks defend their territories by chasing other bucks through true mountain terrain. Hunting Chamois during the rut is always very entertaining, and an amazing experience. They are a great species to try  for your first mountain hunt, especially if you dream of sheep hunting, but can’t yet afford it.

Huntable subspecies of chamois include: Pyrenean; Cantabrian; Alpine; New Zealand; Carpathian; Balkan; Caucasian; and Anatolian. In their native range in Europe, chamois hunting season is typically between September and January. The best hunting though, takes place during the rut, which is November and December in Europe, and May in New Zealand.