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Plains Game Hunting Safari in South Africa

  • Incredible plains game hunting with over 30 species plus the Dangerous Seven.
  • Bowhunter friendly.
  • Makes a great family vacation with plenty of non-hunting activities.
  • Amazing hospitality. The staff is exceptional, the PH’s are fun, friendly, and professional.
  • 4-Star lodging.
  • The food is South African ‘Boere’ (local) with a touch of European.
  • The best time to hunt South Africa is late May through August.
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Our hunting safari in South Africa will be tailored to your needs. You’ll hunt with a top notch PH, stay in a 5-Star lodge, and enjoy exceptional trophy quality on a huge ranch. The average concession is huge with miles of mountainous terrain, interspersed with valleys and river bottoms, you will be amazed at the number of plains game animals you see. You will be hunting high trophy quality animals. South Africa has over 30 huntable species, including the dangerous 7.

We offer both rifle and bow hunting on this hunting safari in South Africa.

A truly amazing place to hone your bowhunting skills. Bow hunting is mostly done over a waterhole and the shooting distance varies between 25 to 30 yards. Weather permitting, there is always the option to try spot and stalk bow hunting. It is always rewarding when you manage to harvest one of these wary animals on foot. When rifle hunting the day begins by driving around in search of game or alternatively fresh tracks, once the game is spotted the final approach is done on foot.

The best time to hunt is debatable.

The hunting season usually starts between March and November with June and July being the prime time. You will enjoy hunting the mild South African winters.

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Richelle Glauner with a beautiful zebra she took on her Hunting Safari in South Africa.

Make your safari a family vacation.

This is a great place to take your family on an incredible adventure that they will not forget. Your entire family is welcome to come along on safari, with luxurious accommodation and many extra activities to do. We aim to please the whole family, even if some of our clients are not hunting. We are fortunate enough that in our nearby vicinity there are a few family friendly activities situated within an hours drive of Savannah Lodge:

  • Marakele National Park
  • Horseback riding
  • Zipline
  • Predator Park
  • Fera Care Rehab Centre
  • Elephant Interaction and Riding
  • Bird Shooting
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Visit Kruger National Park

Visit Kruger National Park

As an extra add-on, we can program and book your stay in the amazing Kruger National Park. Relax in style in this massive 19 500 square kilometer National Park, where you can experience not only the dangerous 7 but all forms of birds and reptiles in their natural habitat. This is an incredible opportunity for the animal lover to be as close to nature as possible.

Garden Route Wine Tours

For our wine connoisseurs, we plan an incredible tour along the “garden route,” which extends all the way down the Western Coast of South Africa. There are numerous national parks along the route where you can immerse yourself in true South African culture while visiting some of the world’s finest wine farms.

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Savanah Lodge

4-Star Lodging

The main concession, Savannah, is situated in the western part of the Limpopo province. This property consists of mountains, flat thick bush and lush open savanna areas. This diverse ecosystem is home to numerous plains game species as well as the stunning sable and cape buffalo. This beautiful property and it’s diverse vegetation provides some of the best hunting in the Limpopo province.

Savannah Lodge is situated on the edge of the property at the foot of the nearby hills. This  luxurious, recently renovated farm house has four large comfortable king size rooms as well as one family room, perfect for families with young children. All bedrooms are en-suite and some of the rooms have an outdoor shower, perfect for those hot summer nights. Savannah Lodge is fitted with all modern day amenities, including hot and cold running water, showers and bathtubs, flushing toilets, wi-fi and daily laundry services. There is also a crystal clear swimming pool to cool down during the summer months.

There is an experienced staff are there to cater for your every need. You’ll fall in love with the chef, Goody. He will tantalize your senses with his delicious, traditional South African ‘Boere’ cuisine (local) with a touch of European. The food will give you the true African culinary experience.Expect lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit, all complimented by a variety of South African wines.

Other Concessions are available.

We also hunt different concessions in the area to provide our clients with the option to harvest a wider variety of species.

Travel is easy!

Many hunters worry about travelling to Africa, but there is no need. The airport in South Africa is easy, clean and modern. Most people speak good English, and the PH will be right there to help you with the entire process.

You’ll show up as a client, and you’ll leave as family. South Africa safari hunts are an experience you won’t soon forget! Contact us for details.

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13 reviews for Plains Game Hunting Safari in South Africa

  1. SA Hunter

    Great Safari in South Africa, taking a nice cape buffalo, sable, nyala, zebra and blesbuck.

  2. Tom W.

    I have no words to describe my plains game safari in South Africa, and the unbelievable top notch quality of my African mounts.

  3. Gloria Gott

    I’d encourage you if you’re on the fence to take that leap of faith and go to Africa! You’ll fall in love with it.

  4. Shawn McDonald

    I trust Outdoors International’s opinion and will definitely book another hunt with Outdoors International. This was an amazing safari!

  5. Robert Gillow

    It was a Great learning experience for both of us, as I was one of the first Traditional bowhunters they had at camp. They were extremely interested in my equipment (from my longbow to my stone arrowheads) and how to set up hunts for future Traditional bowhunters. WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING!

  6. Dason Lasater

    This is my first guided hunt, but Botes was amazing. He was able to keep me encouraged and motivated, and he suggested I hold out for true trophies. I would rate him an 11 on a scale from 1-10.

  7. Brye Mangum

    Thank you to all the PHs and staff. I made some new friends and will be back to see them 100%.

  8. Brad Pouliot

    It was the most exciting hunting any one can imagine. Hunted day and night. The entire staff did everything they could to make the adventure a success. Can’t say enough about our PH, De Wet. He worked his butt off so that we could harvest all the animals we wanted. Even hunted with a bow. I would recommend Outdoors International and De Wet for sure.

  9. Jose Marin

    We had a great hunt in different concessions in South Africa for cape buffalo, kudu, zebra, blesbuck, impala, blue wildebeest, duiker and bushbuck.  The outfitter knows his business!

  10. Scott McCall

    My hunting trip to South Africa was amazing. I was treated with great hospitality, and saw animals every day. The hunting was great.

  11. Justin Harkins

    I went to South Africa with my friend Mark Pearson. Our Safari in South Africa was an amazing trip. De Wet and his guys were absolute professional. I feel went way above and beyond to make sure that we got all the animals we were after.

  12. Chris Matson

    It was a 12 out of 10 experience! Incredible time!

  13. Thomas M. Driskill Jr. COL USA (Ret)

    This was our fourth time hunting in Africa, and they not only beat the pants off all of our other hunts, but exceeded our grandest expectations. We have a ton of specific stories of individual hunts and tracking, but you’ll have to experience it yourself to understand that. Please plan on a nice gratuity for all, because they deserve it and that’s part of hunting in Africa.

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