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Whitetail deer and wild hogs are the most common big game species in Florida. However, Florida hunting is also known for unique species including: alligators; pythons; and Osceola turkeys.

Whitetail Deer – More than 100,000 whitetail deer are taken by hunters each Florida hunting season.
Hogs – Second to deer, wild hogs abound.
Osceola Wild Turkey – One of the most sought-after game species in Florida is the Osceola wild turkey. Found on the Florida peninsula, they’re extremely popular with out-of-state hunters after their Grand Slam.
Alligator –  The Florida alligator harvest is well managed and has been internationally recognized as a model conservation program for the sustainable use of a natural resource. CITES permits and an alligator trapping license are required for alligator hunting in Florida.
Python – The Burmese python is a large invasive species in Florida. Found primarily in and around the Everglades ecosystem in south Florida, they are a threat to native wildlife. Pythons can be killed on private lands at any time with landowner permission and no permit required. They may also be taken at any time throughout the year on public land.
Black Bear – Populations continue to grow and we look forward to a black bear season soon….

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