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Hunting in Tajikistan is conducted in one of the most remote and barren spots on Earth. Many find it incredible how the small, quaint villages in such areas survive, let alone make their living. Here, some of the highest mountain ranges on earth congregate – the Karakoram and Himalayas to the south, the Hindu Kush to the west, and the Tian Shan to the east. Hunting takes place in Central Pamir Mountains in Gorno-Badakhshan region.
Marco Polo, Markhor, Urial, Ibex and wild Boar Hunting in Tajikistan
Wild game populations in Tajikistan are remarkable.
Tajikistan is the ultimate trophy destination for giant Marco Polo rams. Marco Polo hunting Tajikistan consistently produces the biggest rams in the world year after year! The average ram taken on this hunt will be in the mid-50s with a very real possibility to find a ram that will break that magical 60″ mark.

Most are able to sight over 40-60 Marco Polo rams within the first hours of hunting. And you’ll be staggered by the number and size of horns that came from sheep killed by wolves, age and/or winter. The sheep rarely descend lower than 10,000 feet.