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Hunting in Kyrgyzstan is is a mountain hunt in every sense of the word. Hunts in Kyrgyzstan are very physically demanding and you should have some mountain hunting experience. Prime hunting areas are one of the most remote in Kyrgyzstan and are mainly located in the northeastern portion of the country. Hunting is conducted in Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions at 12, 000ft up to 13,500ft above the sea level between September – 1st December and 10 January – 28 February.
Marco Polo Sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting in Kyrgyzstan
The areas are known for the legendary Lake Issyk-Kul.
One of world’s largest mountain lakes as well as the country’s largest river Naryn that originates in the northeast and flows westward through the middle of the country. While the terrain is high altitude, it is not extremely rugged, which enables us to reach base camps on Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles that are just the right means of transportation in a roadless territory. Rough, serpentine roads take you through a number of nerve-racking mountain passes and gorges, gradually ascending to 10,000 -12,000ft where the base camps are situated.