On this grizzly bear hunt, our hunters are harvesting bears between 7.5ft to 8.5 feet. This is due to a very high bear population, top-notch professional guides, not to mention good camp gear and food.

  • Fly-in Basecamp and/or Backpack style Grizzly Bear Hunts.
  • Record Book Potential – This area has a track record for producing some of the largest Boone and Crockett grizzly bears in Alaska.
  • Spring and Fall Hunts are Available.
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Our spring grizzly bear hunt occurs during the months of May and June, with fall hunts taking place during the month of September. We offer both base camp and backpack style hunts or a combination of both. Our area is very conducive to the progressive style manner of backpack hunting because of the long open ridge tops that we land on, that being said there are multiple vantage points where sitting and glassing for long periods of time over the country is very effective as well.

On a grizzly bear hunt, you’ll covering ground glassing from ridge tops for a trophy boar. You’ll be spending long days on the glass and be prepared to work hard when the time comes!

On a grizzly bear hunt, you’ll covering ground glassing from ridge tops for a trophy boar.

Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt

Spring is the breeding time for grizzlies. Expect to wake up around 10:00 AM and hunt until approximately 2:00 AM in the morning. There is more daylight in the May-June timeframe than we know what to do with. By concentrating on those “peak hours”, you’ll have a better chance of catching a mature bear out in the open. The goal is to catch a cruising boar traveling the ridges or a breeding pair. The long open ridge tops allows us to glass boars that push sows to the top from afar. Once a good boar is spotted we can usually seal the deal, even if it takes a few days.

Fall Hunt

On the fall grizzly bear hunt, you’ll start hunting early and glass until around 10:00 PM. Bears will be on salmon streams and feeding on blueberries out on the tundra!

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