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Alagnak River Fishing Lodge

The Alagnak River is famous as one of the finest sport fishing rivers in Alaska! Fish for all five species of Pacific salmon just miles from the saltwater. Wild fish and limited access due to being surrounded by undeveloped wilderness, this fishing lodge on the  Alagnak River checks all of the boxes.

  • The Alagnak River is accessible only by float plane, so there are relatively few fishermen.
  • The twice daily tides deliver the fish close to the lodge.
  • With only two guests per guide, each guest receives a lot of individual attention and assistance.
  • The lodge can accommodate groups of up to 20 people.
  • High quality meals are professionally prepared and served buffet style three times daily.
  • If you’re the adventurous sort, optional fly outs offer you a wider variety of wonderful fishing and wilderness experiences.
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The fishing at this Alagnak River fishing lodge is concentrated around the tide water which offers the best possible fishing for fresh hard fighting salmon. The closer the salmon are to the salt water the better tasting and more aggressive they will be. The strategic location of this lodge allows fishing right out the front door and the quickest access to the best salmon holding water. With each tide fresh salmon ride in on the high water and enter the river to begin the up river journey to the spawning grounds. You will be there to intercept them with your guide assisting and improving your angling technique to get into the fish!

Amazing salmon fishing on the Alagnak River!

Fishing on the Alagnak can be done with either fly fishing or spin gear depending on angler preference as well as water conditions and fishing area. With either technique you choose you are sure to get into salmon while fishing the world famous Alagnak. Fishing the lower and middle sections of the river offers a steady supply of fish. The upper sections that braid out can offer excellent sight fishing whereas the lower river you will often be fishing the deeper runs that hold fish as they stage before swimming further up river.

Comfortable Alaska Fishing Lodge

This Alaska fishing lodge offers comfortable accommodations and even in this remote setting you will feel at home. The lodge sits high on a bluff overlooking the river. The boats and dock just down the steps and always ready to go out for another fishing session.

The Alagnak River Reds are among the largest in Alaska.

When to go to this Alagnak River Fishing Lodge

For most of July and August the Alagnak sees a good overlap in the different salmon species. Most dates in the season offer 2-3 species of salmon available to the angler offering plenty of variety in the fishing and techniques. Most fishing will be done 10-15 minute boat ride up or down river from the lodge.

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Silver Salmon start running up the Alagnak River at the very end of July and are still be running strong into September. The peak of the run is in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August.

King Salmon (Chinook)

The Kings run starts late in June and the are still entering the river when the season closes on July 31st.  The heart of the run is typically from July 5th through July 25th.

The Alagnak River has a second run of Chinook Salmon that enters the river in mid-July. They are larger than the early fish and are darker with thicker bodies.

Sockeye Salmon

The sockeye run on the Alagnak River starts about July 4th, peaks about July 12th through July 20th then tapers off the rest of July.

Chum Salmon

Starting about the 10th of July the chums start entering the Alagnak River from Bristol Bay along with the sockeye. They hold on shallow sandbars near the lodge during the second week in July. Chum salmon continue to enter the river until the third week of August.

Pink Salmon

Humpy’s begin their migration upriver the last week in July and continue until late August. When the pinks are running, they can be found in schools along the sandbars and banks in the lower river. The run numbers often approach a million fish.

Rainbow Trout

The Alagnak River rainbows are renowned for their striking color and they often catch 6 to 10 pounders!

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  1. Mark Slobodian

    We caught the end of the King run, and hit the peak of the chums, which are a blast to catch as well as had some big Rainbows thrown in. Over all, the lodge has my unreserved recommendation.

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