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  • Hunt from a lodge.
  • This is a spot and stalk moose hunt from 4×4’s, boats and/or horses.
  • black bear for free, including the tag.
  • The average bull on this British Columbia moose hunt measures between 40 and 45 inches, however bulls in the 50 inch range are occasionally taken.
  • Bears ange from 5 to 7 1/2 feet with some weighing as much as 500 lbs. The success rate for this hunt is almost 100% to date.
  • The hunt runs from mid-September to the end of October when the mornings will be frosty; when the weather gets cold the bears are gone. In the fall you can combo with moose.
  • This combo hunt takes place during the prime moose rut from mid-September to mid October, when the moose are responding to calling.
  • In addition to a bear, this outfitter has agreed to throw in a wolf for our clients.
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This British Columbia hunting lodge offers a great Fall moose hunt, that you can combo with black bear. We have been working with this outfitter for years and if you are looking for big Canadian bulls at a reasonable price then this is the one. Recent surveys in this Game Management Zone have shown an increase of 2,000+ moose over the last four years. The bull-to-cow ratio is one of the highest in all of British Columbia. They offer a level of service and hospitality that will provide one of the best hunting experiences you can have.

Hunting Lodge Accommodations

The lakefront hunting cabins are warm and cozy. There are two hunter cabins, one sleeps four and the other sleeps five. They each have wood stoves and access to hot showers.

If you’d like to hunt moose from this British Columbia hunting lodge, contact us today.

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British Columbia black bear hunting

They also offer a great lodge-based spring black bear hunt.

This hunt begins in mid-May and runs through the beginning of June when the temperature is between the mid 60’s and mid 70’s. There is  a very healthy population of black and color-phased bears, making it a perfect location for spectacular BC bear hunting trip. In a typical day you should see between 2 to 10 bears driving to glassing points of new growth areas and grassy hillsides.  The bears range in size from 5 to 7 1/2 feet with some weighing as much as 500 lbs. Bears are dying of old age. They do have the fish component and they can get fairly large.

If you’re looking at the spring bear hunt, get in touch with us for details.

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6 reviews for British Columbia Hunting Lodge

  1. Mike Collis

    The outfitters were straight up honest hunting guys. They all tried very hard and the moose, black bear combo hunt was perfect.

  2. Thomas White

    The hunt was rustic but comfortable and I would highly recommend this Black Bear hunt to anyone.

  3. Mitchell Bushman

    I thought everything was wonderful.

  4. Kevin Schmitcke

    I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did that week. They are down-to-earth people and an absolute blast to be around! I would recommend this FAIR CHASE hunt to anybody!

  5. James Eaves

    Overall this moose hunt met all expectations and even more. I can’t say enough good about my guide and the whole operation these guys have. They are down to earth and just a bunch of guys who love hunting. Great experience start to finish.

  6. John LaBanc

    The outfitter and his business partner are competent, professional and enjoyable company. They have an impeccable reputation among the ranchers in the area for their hunting ethics. As a hunter you buy a hunt, not an animal. They work hard to put you in a position to have an opportunity to harvest a bear, which is all you can ask of your outfitter and guide.

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