• Two Axis does.
  • One Hog *must take the meat.
  • Unlimited Rattlesnakes.
  • Unlimited Coyotes and Foxes
  • Bobcats on a trophy fee basis.
  • Axis hunting season in Texas is May through September.
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion).
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.
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An axis doe hunt in Texas is cheap, plus you will take home some of the best meat on the planet! You could call this a true “meat hunt” at a reasonable cost. If you want to introduce a kid to hunting for the first time, or just get some more hunting experience, an exotic hunt is a good hunt for you. If you’re looking for a trophy axis, we can set you up on that too.

Not only is the meat over the top, but the hides make great pillows, flat skins, etc.

Once you take your axis doe, you need to make steaks out of most of it, and hamburger the rest.  Do not even think for a moment about making this excellent meat into sausage!  It is outstanding on the grill.

If you’re looking for an Axis doe hunt Texas is the place for you. Contact us for pricing or more information

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