• LOCATION – Northern Territory Australia. The land is huge and vast, and we can arrange a chopper to look for that exclusive trophy if you like.
  • TRAVEL – The outfitter will pick you up in Darwin, Australia. Most of our hunters book a motel to relax after the flight and we pick up the next morning.
  • WEAPON – It doesn’t matter what you want to hunt with, rifle, bow, muzzleloader, and pistol hunters are all welcome.
  • SPECIES – Water buffalo, banteng, scrub bulls, wild boars, wild dogs, feral brumbies and donkeys.
  • TROPHY QUALITY – This is a free range Australia banteng with gold medal class animals taken regularly.
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Join us in Northern Territory, Australia on this seven day, trophy water buffalo hunting adventure. We’ll pick you up in Darwin, and it’s a five hour drive to camp. Once we get your trophy water buffalo, you can add on a 2nd trophy buff or a scrub bull and also plenty of wild pigs, dogs, brumbies and donkeys to keep the excitement happening.

The banteng is a species of wild cattle found in Southeast Asia.

Make it a Water Buffalo, Banteng Combo Hunt

Typically, you’ll start this hunt at the water buffalo camp, then move. The banteng hunting camp is about a seven hour drive from Darwin. If you wish we can organize air charter to this camp. You’ll usually need about three hunting days for hunting a trophy banteng bull this area. Once you’re done, you can also add a banteng cow and a Sambar stag on a trophy fee basis.




Banteng, Scrub Bull, Water Buffalo, Wild Hogs


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