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This Argentina red stag is hands down the best trophy, free range stag hunt for the money that we know of!

  • An affordable trophy free range Red stag hunt on 37,000 acres in La Pampa, Argentina.
  • Hunt from blinds of spot-and-stalk
  • Archery friendly outfitter
  • Can accommodate any hunter from the super fit to mobility impaired.
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Affordable trophy, free range Argentina red stag hunt packages with great combo opportunities, including spectacular dove shooting.

Most hunters come for the superb free range stag hunting, but there are many different native and exotic species to hunt.

Species available include: puma (mountain lion); wild boar; wild goats; water buffalo; blackbuck; European mouflon; axis deer; fallow; Texas Dall sheep; Scottish blackface ram; multi-horned/four-horned ram; white lipped peccary; collared peccary; capybara; and brown brocket deer.

Your hunt will include cozy accommodation, barbecues with the best Argentine cuts, gourmet cuisine, fresh vegetables from our garden and first-class wines.

The hunting lodge comprises an inn with seven double rooms and two single rooms, with private bathrooms in each. After an intense hunting day, join your guides in the dining room to relax and enjoy your evenings by the fireplace, with a drink from the fully stacked bar.

For pricing or more information about this Argentina red stag hunt, contact us.

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Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Brocket Deer, Fallow Deer, Javelina, Mouflon Sheep, Mountain Lion, Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Wild Hogs

6 reviews for Argentina Red Stag Hunt

  1. Jeff Norstebon

    Food and lodging was great. Communication wasn’t the easiest. Game was plentiful with good trophy quality. We had a fun group.

  2. John Fowler

    Fantastic experience. I will request my guide, Abel, for my next trip. I trust his judgment.

  3. David Richardson

    Overall, my trip was amazing, just wish the guides spoke more English.

  4. Mike Lazarus

    Excellent accommodations, and my guide, Abel was amazing, but one of the other guides, not so much. Some hunters might not find some aspects of my hunt to match their expectations of fair chase.

  5. Chris Payne

    Overall, my trip was a great experience. My outfitter’s communication before, during and after the trip was fair. My friend and I hunted together for the first 24 hours, instead of 1:1 …because the guide’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. We didn’t know the reason until Mat explained it to us later.

  6. Vernon Edeler

    It was a great red stag hunt with a top notch outfitter. The food, accommodations and hunting well exceed the expectations I had for this trip.

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