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On this Alaska moose and grizzly hunt you can also add a caribou, black bear, wolf and even a mountain goat. These species can be added to make it a combo hunt for additional trophy fees. What is available as an add on depends on the area that you will be hunting.

  • All Alaska safari trips are limited to one hunter with one guide per camp, unless the client requests otherwise, or the hunt is booked as a 2×1.
  • After you tag your animal, your guide will take field photos, cape it, and then it will be quartered and butchered for packing to a spot suitable for aircraft pick-up.
  • This is a VERY GOOD trophy Fall grizzly hunt.
  • Our hunters have had an 80% to 90% success rate on moose with an average antler spread of SIXTY inches.
  • The Alaska moose and grizzly hunt take place in September and early October.
  • Although this hunt is not physically difficult, hunters should be comfortable with hiking two to five miles a day in hilly country with elevations between 500′ and 2,000′.
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This outfitter has been offering this Alaska moose and grizzly hunt for decades. He has planes in the air year-round scouting for game. During the Dall sheep season, he flies over this prime grizzly and moose hunting area almost daily, so by the time moose season rolls around he has some target animals picked out. This gives our clients a distinct advantage for good success when they show up.

We highly recommend having the extra tags in your pocket.

These species are at the top of most hunters lists anyway, so why not get it all done in one place, with one outfitter, in one trip? A combo hunt tends to be WAY more affordable than booking individual hunts for each species.

Alaska Combo Hunt


If you want a big caribou and possibly one that turns out B&C? This outfitter can do that too! With several bulls a year that meet B&C this is you shot at a true monster! Their success rate for caribou is amazing, at close to 100%!

Grizzly Bear

With the number one all time safari club international Grizzly under their belt this outfitter has proved that this hunt will be well worth the effort. They continually take bears that make the SCI and B&C record books! As part of the Alaska moose combo hunt this just adds to the sheer amazing quality this outfitter has to offer!

Black Bear

With a grizzly under your belt you may as well add a gorgeous Alaskan black bear to the list! You will be harvesting a quality bear in excess of 6′! With a combined total of four of Alaska’s most beautiful animals, this Alaskan Safari Hunt should be at the top of all hunters lists.

Mountain Goat

In some areas it’s possible to hunt mountain goats and moose on the same trip.


Whenever you are hunting in Alaska, have a wolf tag in your pocket. Trust us! Nothing is more frustrating to get an opportunity at a hard-to-hunt species like a wolf and not be able to do anything about it. Wolf tags are cheap…buy one! If an Alaska moose combo hunt trips your trigger, be sure to let us know so we can get you in the books.

Typical Hunting Itinerary

On most Alaska safari hunts, you will rise early and typically glass from camp, eat a hot breakfast, and then hike to a high spot to glass all day or until you find a good stalkable animal. It will be stalking and/or calling from there. Hunters will also be doing a great deal of moose calling with their guide.

As with any fair chase spot and stalk hunt, the better physical shape a hunter is the more enjoyable this type of hunt will be. No quality spot and stalk country is level, so hunter needs to be able to climb decent sized hills. That said, grizzly, moose, caribou and black bear hunts are not real strenuous for a hunter in reasonable physical shape.




Black Bear, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, Wolf

2 reviews for Alaska Moose and Grizzly Hunt Combo

  1. Jeff Sinner

    I couldn’t believe in less than seven days I had harvested a dall sheep and a grizzly bear, it was a trip of a lifetime! I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with this Outfitter.

  2. James Parkinson

    From start to finish, the outfitter was a class act. Can’t say enough about the staff and accommodations. I would highly recommend this Alaska combo hunt. Professionalism in every aspect of my hunt in Alaska.

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