Alaska brown bear hunts in Unit 6 with an exceptional outfitter out of the Cordova region.

  • Fall Hunts: September through October.
  • Spring Hunts: April through June 10th.
  • All hunts are archery hunter friendly!
  • Rifle hunters will get up close with shots not usually more than 100 yards.
  • Unit 6 produces exceptionally large bears. It is not uncommon for brown bears to get to square an amazing 10+ ft!
  • Combo your brown bear hunt in Alaska with mountain goat or a caribou in the fall, or a black bear in the spring.
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These Alaska brown bear hunts in Unit 6 are VERY good. The bears are unpressured and grow to amazing sizes as there is plenty of food for them. This hunt is also very remote and is an excellent choice for someone who wants to get away and stalk some of the largest predators in North America. Hunters should be prepared for an exciting hunt in which they will spot and then stalk the bears.

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