Trevor Brittingham

Trevor Brittingham is a faithful Christian, a loving husband, and an avid outdoorsman. Hunting, fishing and enjoying God’s creation are a few things that he learned at a very young age. Trevor grew up in East Texas with some of the state’s finest whitetail hunting and largemouth bass fishing right in his backyard. He has been chasing big game and hooking into huge fish since he was five years of age, and he has experienced the great outdoors from the rivers and mountains of Alaska to the plains and highlands of Africa and everything in between.

He took his first big game animal with archery equipment, a 252 lb. Russian boar, at age 11, and he has been addicted to bow hunting ever since. Thanks to his father’s hunting video production company, Briar Lakes Productions, Trevor has been able to travel the world capturing many of his greatest hunts on film. His passion for outdoor videography drove him to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema from Southern Methodist University.

During his travels, Trevor has been fortunate to hunt with some of the best outfitters in the world. Whether it is for giant elk and muleys in Arizona or cape buffalo and plains game in Tanzania, he has experienced some of the elite hunting operations in the industry, and he brings that expertise to Outdoors International where he can share it with you.

He is a life member of the Texas Wildlife Association, Dallas Safari Club, National Rifle Association and the Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

Contact Trevor:
skype: tbrittingham


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