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190GSM Jersey Knit

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Product Description


Merino wool is the best fiber known to man under either warm or cool conditions. There isn’t a better material to use for base layers than merino wool. This is true especially for hunters because it is antimicrobial and does not smell.

  • Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, so it does not smell.
  • A natural insulator, it keeps you warm when its cold and cool when its hot.
  • Kryptek base layers wick moisture from your body.
  • Naturally wrinkle free.
  • Merino wool does not melt.
  • Kryptek Base Layers won’t ignite until 1,040° F, and the flame goes out when the heat source is removed.
  • It will protect you from the sun with a naturally occurring UV protection of UPF 50.
  • Merino wool dries much faster than cotton, so it can be potentially life saving in extreme cold or very windy conditions.

Why should you wear the Kryptek base layer system?

The main reason for wearing a base layer next to your skin is to stay dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking underwear is a huge benefit when you are hunting because it keeps you dry and therefore warm when it is cold outside. When the weather is hot during the early season, Kryptek base layers wick the sweat away from your body keeping you dry and comfortable. Another reason to choose Kryptek’s merino wool base layer is because it is a natural antimicrobial, meaning it does not stink when you sweat. As far as moisture-wicking goes, it performs basically the same as synthetic material, but the scent control is a big deal to hunters.

Get rid of the traditional cotton long underwear and get yourself some Kryptek Merino Wool Base Layers. You won’t be sorry.

Additional Information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1 in


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