Kryptek Aegis System Review

222437_4762056971402_2066924707_nI got an opportunity to put the Kryptek Aegis extreme weather bibs and coat to the test this last year on a November whitetail hunt in Illinois.  It was in the 20′s every morning and got to about 40 max with wind, during the day, almost all 6 days of the hunt.  I sat the stand all day long all 6 days.  Day one, I went without either the top or bottom thinking I could “get by.”  After a full day of shivering my butt off, I went full tilt the following day.  I packed my Aegis into the stand (you can’t hike in them, they are just too hot) and one thing I loved about them was how easy the bibs were to get on over my boots with the full leg zips.  They are like climbing into a sleeping bag…simply awesome.

I like to be as free as possible so when I could get away with it I didn’t wear my coat and the bibs alone made a HUGE difference.  With how warm they kept my core they are what I used the most.   If I could only afford one part of that system I would buy the bibs first.  We did get one day of heavy all day rain as well and they performed awesome as a rainproof layer.  I didn’t get a bit wet and again it rained all day.

The only other opportunity I have had to use them was on a N. Texas January hunt.  We had to ride a long ways in to the hunting every morning and evening and the coldest it got when I was hunting there was 17 degrees.  It made for some COLD rides.  Again, day one, I thought I could get away without using the Aegis but after learning my lesson I was in Aegis head to toe all the rest of the days. As a side note the Kryptek Wyot Balaclava was a rock star as well at keeping me warm.  I was blown away how that little thin deal could make such a difference.   Overall the Aegis gets my thumbs up!!

by Marc Warnke

October 23, 2013

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  1. Mule Deer Hunting Odocoileus Hemionus Crooki November 7, 2013 11:33 am Reply

    that’s exciting and fun! you’re a great hunter indeed :)

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