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Foot DiagramFeet that hurt when your hunting and hiking can plain ruin your hunting experience. This is where having insoles for boots can really make a difference.

Over the last 20 years of hunting I have used a lot of different systems to  hike in and one thing that is consistent is if I don’t have the right arch support my feet will ache the whole time. My issue is I have a real high arch. Everybody has a different arch type. Lucky, this is something that can be corrected pretty easily. Knowing what your arch is can make all the difference in how your boots fit no matter how good of boots they are. You first need to know what type of foot you have. There are 3 types of arch. High arch, Normal arch, & Flatfoot.

*See the pictures to the right to see which foot category you fit into.

High Arch Insoles for Boots
The most extreme type that can cause the most problems that needs to be corrected is the High Arch Type. This is what I have.  There are a whole bunch of different types of arch supports out there that range in price so I suggest trying a couple different types as each one fits a little bit different. I have used super feet ( in the past and they put out a great system.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to insoles in boots and  my hunting boots, I have tried a lot of different brands and my go to pair of boots is made by Kenetrek Boots. They  just started offering there own arch support system that goes hand and hand with there awesome boots.

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These four piece, three layer insoles begin with a durable, anti-microbial pad that wicks away moisture and refuses to let odor escape. It sits atop a 4mm high density moldable foam, that quickly takes on your foot shape. Below that we’ve combined a silicone gel insert to cushion the ball of your foot with a firm, supportive base layer to keep your arch and heel stable and you on your feet all day long!

Insoles for Boots with a Less Extreme Arch
If you have a less extreme arch, Kenetrek Boots also offers a cushion insoles that will help give you just a little more cushion in your boots. This will really make a difference after pounding out those last couple of miles back to camp!

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With extra high impact zone padding to our wicking, anti-microbial pad. And to guarantee your boots to stay scent free, utilizing state of the art activated carbon technology. By setting the top high impact zone layer over the 4mm high density moldable foam, you’ll have a soft ride in your boot.

To see our full line up of Kenetrek Products Click Here.

July 02, 2013

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