Russ Meyer

Partner, Hunting Consultant

Russ Meyer, Hunting Consultant
Russ Meyer is a man of faith who has been blessed with a wonderful family and a huge passion for the outdoors.

Russ Meyer has been fortunate to have bowhunted the hills of Idaho, several other western states, Alaska, Canada, Africa and Kyrgyzstan. His “bucket list” will never be full as he always looks forward to next season and a new adventure. As an Outdoors International hunting consultant, Russ Meyer takes your hunting very seriously. He appreciates the friendships and the opportunity to help someone’s dream hunt become a reality. He always looks forward to the stories and photos, too. With the experience of over one hundred successful big game hunts, he’s excited to help in any way.

I appreciate the friendships and the opportunity to help your dream hunt become a reality. I always look forward to your hunting stories and photos, too.”

Russ’ hunts have been featured in Idaho Hunter and Bowhunter magazines, as well as the TV series Behind the Rack and the Lowland Mulies 3 DVD. He currently serves as a Pro Staff Member for and the Idaho Archery Company.

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Russ’ Photo Gallery

Russ Meyer with his 2014 Late Season Arizona archery Mule DeerRuss-Meyer-Arizona-Archery-Elk-Hunting-1024x768Russ-Meyer-WildebeestRuss-Meyer-ZebraJess's-deer-2012-028Jess's-deer-2012-051Russ-elk-2012-018Caribou huntRuss Deer 2012Russ Meyer antelope huntRuss2008-22-bearRuss Meyer Archery Caribou2006-Canadabear-edited-1-11994-idaho-bullCopy-of-scan00561998-idaho-elk2005-late-season1997-idaho-bull1995-idaho-bull1999-idaho-elk2002-idaho-bull2004-idaho-bull2004-wyoming-bull2005-idaho-bull1993-idaho-bull2006-goat2007-goat2008-2nd-bear2008-double2008-early-Owyhee2008-goat2008-idaho-late-season-bullhunting-with-the-boys2008-late-392009-goatA boy and his dogAntelope hunting with a bowAntelope huntingBlack bear hunting in Idahoblack bearbowhunting for turkeysBritish Columbia black bearCalifornia hogCalifornia pig huntingCopy-of-deer-2-03Copy-of-hunting-012Copy-of-kip-russ-bikesCopy-of-scan0057Copy-of-scan0070Copy-of-scan0077CoyoteDSC00149DSC00150DSC00157DSC00279DSC00321DSC00414DSC00473DSC00539DSC01415Duck huntingelk-2009-055Ground squirrels with the kidsHuntingidaho antelopejan-26-th-quil-limitJess MuskratLate season mule deerMule DeerMuleyNice bearPicture-043rolling the four wheelerRuss archery black bearRuss Meyer 1992-idaho-bullRuss Meyer 2000-idaho-bullRuss Meyer 2001-idaho-bullRuss Meyer 2003-idaho-bull1Russ Meyer 2009-idaho-bullRuss Meyer and his familyRuss Meyer Archery BearRuss Meyer bowhunting black bearRuss Meyer Caribou huntRuss Meyer Idaho BearRuss Meyer MooseRuss Meyer muleyRuss Meyer Shooting his bowRuss Meyer whitetailRuss-Meyer-archery-Alaska-caribouruss-meyer-coyoteRuss-Meyer-Mule-Deerscan0046scan0059scan0063scan0069scan0071scan0073scan0074scan0075scan0083scan0085scan0088scan0090scan0092seven-devils-scouting-09-009spring turkeySunriser-at-10-belowTurkey huntTurkey hunting with a bowTurkeyRuss-archery-antelopeRuss-Meyer-2003-archery-black-bearRuss-meyer-black-bearRuss-turkey

Russ’ Video Gallery



  1. Howard Eubanks says

    Hi Russ,

    Thank you for the telephone message left earlier today. Realism has set in and I am honestly not up to this level of adventure. Too much work and not enough play, as they say. I have work responsibility for the U.S. and Canada. It would be relatively “convenient” to get up there, But, I am just not prepared for an Alberta caliber hunt.

    Awesome photos. All the best.

    Howard Eubanks

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