The Outdoors International Podcast

The Outdoors International Podcast is a long form conversation hosted by hunting consultant, flyfishing bum, family man and best selling author Marc Warnke with friends and guests.

OI Podcast #12 – Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine

Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine

In this podcast you will hear from Seven-Time World Elk Calling Champion and Founder of Extreme Elk Magazine, Corey Jacobsen, on his best elk calling strategies and tips. He discusses the following elk hunting topics: location calling; challenge bugling; use of wind; set up strategies; the use of decoys; raking as a last resort; cow […]

OI Podcast #11 – Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo – Archer’s Choice

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo - Archer's Choice Media

Ralph & Vicki ‘America’s Favorite Hunting Couple’ and hosts of the television shows – ARCHER’S CHOICE and THE CHOICE! Golden Moose Awards – multiple nominations & awards. Bowhunting World Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best TV Show – 9 times! In this podcast you will hear how Ralph and Vicki met and got their TV […]

OI Podcast #10 – Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quivers

Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quivers

After 5 years as the assistant manager at Schnee’s Joe Jacks was looking for something new. He started a new career as a real estate agent and sold real estate for 5 years. When the market to a turn for the worse, he decided it was the right time to get out started TightSpot Quivers. […]

OI Podcast #9 – Shad Wheeler, Hunting Consultant

Shad Wheeler Hunting Consultant

Shad Wheeler is a hunting consultant at Outdoors International with a personal specialty in high elevation hunting in the Rocky Mountain West. He has been on the cover of Eastmans Hunting Journal with his World Record P&Y Mountain Goat that he took in BC. He is super connected in the sheep hunting world and has […]

OI Podcast #8 – Justin Sparks – Gear Expert

Justin Sparks

Justin Sparks is one of the most knowledgeable gear guys in the industry. He knows the detail of what makes gear effective and long lasting. He’s a hard core archery elk hunter raised in Idaho, and a true gear junkie. In this pod cast you will hear Justin talk about things to consider when making […]

OI Podcast #7 – Steve McIntosh of Outlanders

Steve McIntosh of Outlanders Limited Draw

Steve McIntosh won the whole enchilada in the Outlanders show. We believe it… he was the best, most entertaining hunter on there in our opinion. Steve is a very accomplished muley hunter as well as a “known” guy in the marksmanship world. A gun nut who can shoot out to 1,000 yards. At 32 he […]

OI Podcast #6 – Jason Montagna of Proof Research

Jason Montagna of Proof Research

Shooting precision weapons is something that has been a life’s passion for Jason Montagna. He’s gone from being in the Special Forces to a well respected member of the marketing arm for “big pharma” but has now found a home in his current position with Proof Research. Now as the Director of Marketing for Proof […]

OI Podcast #5 – Butch Whiting of Kryptek

Butch whiting kryptek

Butch Whiting is an American Hero. He also happens to be one of the owners of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Butch’s dream, while in the muck of the Middle East, fighting for us…was to be back home in the states hunting. He and his partners decision to start Kryptek was with that goal in mind. Fast […]

OI Podcast #4 – Mike Ellig, Owner of Black Gold Sights

Mike Ellig Owner of Black Gold Sights

Bow sight technology has gone from brass pins with paint on the end of them to slider sights and fiber optics in the last 30 years. No one can speak to that evolution with more authority than the owner of Black Gold Sights, Mike Ellig. Marc met Mike on a plane flight and hit it […]

OI Podcast #3 – Kenton Clairmont of Train To Hunt

Kenton Clairmont of Train to Hunt OI Podcast

Working out and Hunting are the two things that Kenton Clairmont has always loved to do. He was a four sport athlete in high school, a state champ in wrestling and a collegiate baseball player. After a year in the minor leagues he returned to school for his Masters degree in Sports Psychology. After graduation […]