The Outdoors International Podcast

The Outdoors International Podcast is a long form conversation hosted by hunting consultant, flyfishing bum, family man and best selling author Marc Warnke with friends and guests.

OI Podcast #13 – Trevon Stoltzfus of Outback Outdoors

Trevon Stoltzfus of Outback Outdoors

In this podcast Marc Warnke interviews Trevon Stoltafus of Outback Outdoors. They speak in depth about how Trevon got into the outdoor business; the time he spent at Eastmans Hunting Journal, what he learned from being Cameron Haynes’s cameraman; and how he feels about archery hunting VS. rifle hunting.

OI Podcast #8 – Justin Sparks – Gear Expert

Justin Sparks

Justin Sparks is one of the most knowledgeable gear guys in the industry. He knows the detail of what makes gear effective and long lasting. He’s a hard core archery elk hunter raised in Idaho, and a true gear junkie.

OI Podcast #5 – Butch Whiting of Kryptek

Butch whiting kryptek

Butch Whiting is an American Hero. He also happens to be one of the owners of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Butch’s dream, while in the muck of the Middle East, fighting for us…was to be back home in the states hunting. Fast forward to now they have one of the hottest camos on the market and apparel deserving of the tagline “Battlefield to Backcountry.”