OI Now Working with Smith Optics Elite

Smith Optics Elite

Oh yeah, the Outdoors International Team is stoked to be working with one of the best tactical optics companies on the planet, Smith Optics Elite! Not to mention its pretty dang cool that they are headquartered in our own backyard. Smith Optics Elite is known for creating tactical eyewear for our military, and we figured if they can make bad ass shades for our troops, wouldn’t they be bad ass shades for sportsmen as well? And the answer to that question is a resounding YES.

The design process they go through ensures that their glasses not only fit your face and look good, but that they will work well with your weapon of choice, be they rifles, pistols or even bows. We love their products and their team and our goal is to spread the word to all you outdoors junkies about Smith Optics Elite tactical eyewear, and how awesome they are. We are pretty picky about the products and gear we use, and after putting their glasses through the paces, we all agree, they are not just glasses, but an integral piece of our gear for every adventure. Check out their great lineup at www.smithoptics.com/elite

No Shape to Elk Shape – Week 1

Train to Hunt

Workout for hunters from TrainToHunt.com

Looking for a workout to get you in shape for hunting season? Here you go.

Jump to week: 1
*get more workouts at www.traintohunt.com

Day 1

Baseline testing Baseline testing is an important part of any fitness program. Just like hunting, in order to know where your going,t you have to first know where you are.

Equipment needed: 20 inch step, a hunting pack.

  1. Warm-up
    Dynamic Warm-up [watch video]
  2. Test 1
    Time how long it takes you to do 1/2 mile run/walk
  3. Test 2
    Do as many push ups as you can in two minutes [watch video]
  4. Test 3
    Do as many sit ups as you can in two minutes [watch video]
  5. Test 4
    Wearing your empty hunting pack.
    Time how long it takes you to do 250 step ups on the 20 inch box. [watch video]

Prove you're the Fittest Bowhunter in the West. Check it out at TrainToHunt.com
Prove you’re the Fittest Bowhunter in the West. Check it out at TrainToHunt.com

Day 2

Equipment needed: none

  1. Warm up
    Dynamic warm-up [watch video]
  2. 1 mile run/walk nice and easy

Day 3

Equipment needed: 20 inch step, hunting pack

Wearing your empty hunting pack, do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes

  1. 4 over the box step ups
  2. 8 squats [watch video]
  3. 100 meter run/walk

Day 4

Rest Day

Day 5

Equipment needed: sandbag (20 lbs), two 20 pound dumb bells, bow, 3 arrows

  1. Warm-up
    -Dynamic warm-up II [watch video]
  2. Archery Shoulders [watch video]
  3. Do three rounds as quickly as you can
    -10 sumo dead lifts (20 pound dumb bells)
    -10 shoulder to overhead (20 pound sandbag)
    -10 sit-ups [watch video]
    -Shoot 1 arrow at 20 yards

Day 6
Equipment needed: Empty Hunting Pack

  1. Warm up
    -Dynamic warm-up [watch video]
    -Dynamic warm-up II [watch video]
  2. 1 mile run/walk nice and easy

Day 7

Equipment needed: Rings, backpack

  1. Warm-up
    -Dynamic warm-up II [watch video]
  2. Archery shoulders [watch video]
  3. Wearing your empty pack, do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
    -5 Australian pull ups [watch video]
    -5 push ups [watch video]
    -5 squats [watch video]
    -100 yard run/walk

Congratulations! You have completed week one.

Kai USA (Kershaw Knives) Partners with Duck Commander and Buck Commander

Duck Dynasty

Kai USA brands Kershaw Knives and Pure Komachi 2 will team up with Duck Commander and Buck Commander of Duck Dynasty to create a series of new knives.

The new series will include every day carrying knives, hunting knives, kitchen cutlery, and more…

Duck Commander owners, the Robertson family, have become famous through their phenomenally popular A&E cable television show Duck Dynasty. The show’s fourth season premier recently became the number one nonfiction series telecast in cable TV history. The Buck Commanders have their own popular television show on the Outdoor Channel.

Kai USA brand Kershaw Knives, Duck Commander, and Buck Commander will work together on a selection of every day carrying knives and hunting knives, in both fixed-blade and folding styles, as well as a selection of machetes and accessories. Kai’s Pure Komachi 2 brand will partner with Duck/Buck Commander on a kitchen cutlery series, which will involve the “Duck wives” of Duck Dynasty.

“Kai USA, Duck Commander, and Buck Commander are all well known for the quality and innovation of their products,” said Jack Igarashi, Kai USA Chief Operating Officer. “That makes our partnership a natural fit and we are very proud to be the Official Knife of Duck Commander and Buck Commander.”

The first three to four knives in the series will be available by mid-year 2014. Prototypes will be shown at the important industry trade show, the SHOT Show, in Las Vegas in January. Successive years of this multi-year licensing agreement will feature an expanded lineup of products, from hunting knives and kitchen cutlery to accessories and apparel.

The co-branded knives will be distributed through all Kai USA channels as well as through Duck Commander and Buck Commander outlets. Promotional displays and sales materials will be available to assist retailers in successfully merchandising these must-have product lines.

Learn more here: http://kershaw.kaiusaltd.com/blog/kai-usa-announces-exclusive-partnership-with-duck-commander-buck-commander

OI Teams Up with Kershaw

Outdoors International and Kershaw

Our goal at Outdoors International is to recommend and use the best products in the outdoor industry. When we support a manufacturer you can rest assured that their products are used by our entire staff and that they meet our demanding standards. That’s why we are pleased to announce a partnership with Kershaw as the exclusive provider of knives and cutlery for Team OI.

Kershaw was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture tools that knife users would be proud to own, carry, and use. This has meant that every Kershaw knife must be of the highest quality. Whether it’s a hardworking pocketknife, a special collectors’ edition, or a precision kitchen knife, Kershaw always chooses appropriate, high-quality materials and is dedicated to intensive craftsmanship. Along with extremely tight tolerances and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, this ensures that Kershaw knives provide a lifetime of performance.

We look forward to working with Kershaw in the coming years and encourage you to browse their products in our exclusive gear lists where we recommend the best tool for the job. Whether your hunting cape buffalo in Africa or Whitetails in the northeast, our gear lists ensure you are equipped with the best the industry has to offer.